Workflows and their Recipes guide you through configuring multiple Firstparty resources to help achieve an objective.


Workflows group components that may help you solve marketing problems like analytics, attribution, and audience creation in just a few clicks. Workflows are created by following a Recipe, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure and combine Firstparty components in order to achieve a specific result.


Workflows are created by following a Recipe - a method defined by a set of steps, each of which guides you through creating a new (or selecting an existing) component in Firstparty.

Each step in a Recipe is a single task, and are pre-configured with sensible defaults whenever possible. As you complete steps as part of a Workflow, the components you create will be available for your use later.

The Recipe Catalog (Does that make it a cookbook?)

You may explore all of the available Recipes within your Firstparty Workspace. Simply click on "Workflows" in the sidebar navigation.

Create Unlimited Workflows

You may create as many Workflows as you'd like, any number of which may be based on the same Recipe.

For example, you may want to complete a Recipe twice, in order to run the same set of operations on both testing and production environments, but with different components depending on the environment.