Increase ad conversions with improved Audience accuracy.

Build Audiences from any criteria, even offline data, and improve audience match rates in ad networks and external platforms to nearly 100%.

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Workflows guide you through configuring multiple Firstparty components to help achieve an objective, and can help you solve marketing problems like analytics, attribution, and audience creation in just a few clicks.

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Workflow - 6 Steps

Create a Facebook Ads Audience from Postgres Data

Target Facebook Ads at an Audience generated from customer data in your Postgres Warehouse.

Firstparty will query your Redshift Warehouse, create an Event for every row of data returned by your query, and continuously sync that data to Facebook Ads as an Audience you can use in your Facebook Ads campaigns.

This Recipe will guide you through connecting to your Warehouse and Facebook Ads, retrieving data from your Warehouse and your website, creating a new Audience, and configuring that Audience to sync to Facebook Ads.

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Create Audiences from any source, including offline data

Create Segments of Events and build Audiences of individuals from web activity combined with data from other marketing tools, CRM, internal databases, and more.

Decentralized Management

Create audiences from any criteria, maintain one Audience definition, sync to multiple ad networks

Improved Accuracy

Improve audience match rates to nearly 100% with the addition of offline data (e.g. Salesforce opportunities)

Increased Conversions

Sync Firstparty Audiences to Facebook Ads, and combine existing Segment definitions to build new Audiences


Measure Audience Response with Firstparty Analytics

Firstparty collects, processes, stores, and lets you query web analytics data in realtime. All data can be stored on your infrastructure, and everything can be served from your domain.

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Core Concept

Segments define limited sets of Events, Sessions, and Profiles.

Segments are limited to a single Item type of either Events, Sessions, or Profiles, and may be used later on to create Audiences from multiple Segment types.

Core Concept

Audiences define a set of Profiles who are all part of one or more specific Segments.

Audiences may be sent to Destinations to keep external marketing platforms in sync with an identical set of member Profiles.

Improve Audience accuracy

Match Beyond Spreadsheets

Your customers and future customers interact with your business on your website and beyond. Firstparty's novel first-party Event collection lets you build Audiences in ad networks based on known IDs - not just hashed email addresses.

Firstparty aliases known IDs to ad networks for each visitor

Audiences sync to Facebook Ads and more based on those known IDs

Facebook Audience match rates are double or triple when compared to matching on Email address alone

// Track pageviews with one line of Javascript

// Easily track custom events

firstparty.track('Form Completed', {
  email: ''
Decentralize audience management

Maintain a Single Audience Definition

Maintain a single audience definition that automatically syncs to external ad networks. Firstparty uses internal IDs to identify individuals, allowing you to create an audience segment once and constantly update any supported ad network - often in near realtime.

Improve Audience accuracy

Create audiences in ad networks without sharing customer data

Build ad audiences of exactly who you want to include (or exclude) without sharing any personal information or browsing history with the ad network. Firstparty audiences are based on any data or criteria you have, then syncs obfuscated IDs to ad networks - ensuring audience accuracy and complete data privacy.

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