Managing Rules

Rules belong to Sources; each Source may have many Rules. You'll manage Rules that belong to one Source, and may enable and disable Rules as necessary.

Changes to rules are instantaneous, though you may experience a short delay with any long-running Rules that may not have finished executing prior to changing a Rule.

Create a Rule

You may create an unlimited number of Rules for any Source.

To create a new Rule:

  1. Click on Rules in the navigation sidebar
  2. Click the "Add Rule" button
  3. Enter a Name and optional Description for the Rule
  4. Enter an Event that should trigger the rule, and optionally add additional Conditions
  5. Add an Action that should execute if the Conditions evaluate as true, and optionally add additional Actions
  6. Click "Save Rule"

Update a Rule

You may update a Rule at any time. Keep in mind that changing a Rule will happen immediately, so the Event Debugger may be useful in ensuring your change is as you intended.

To update an existing Rule

  1. Click on Rules in the navigation sidebar
  2. Select the Rule you'd like to update
  3. Click on the Rule you'd like to update, and change its information as you wish
  4. Click "Save Rule"