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Securely collect accurate website visitor activity, move data to any warehouse, and run automations on any or every Event.

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Own all of your marketing Analytics data

Firstparty uses first-party cookies to collect highly accurate website visitor activites, and moves that data to a warehouse you control.
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Build powerful automations

React to collected Events in realtime with a simple rules engine that lets you update customer information, push data to an external service, or even run custom Javascript on any Event Firstparty collects.
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Optimize campaigns for the business objectives you actually care about

Know every channel, source, pageview, click, and event that resulted in a closed-won deal. Identify exactly which marketing efforts result in not just leads, but connected phone calls, pipeline generation, and revenue.
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Create Audiences from any source, including offline data

Create Segments of Events and build Audiences of individuals from web activity combined with data from other marketing tools, CRM, internal databases, and more.
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It's Your Data. Make it Work For You.

Collect new first-party data

Marketing Analytics platforms typically rely on third-party cookies, and store data in walled gardens that make it difficult to analyze and activate.

Firstparty collects Events using first-party cookies, will transfer your data anywhere, and help you activate collected data like never before.

Activate existing first-party data

The modern data warehouse has information of customer activities from dozens of tools, many of which are disconnected from a browser session (offline) or happen days after a visitor clicks on an ad.

Firstparty helps you activate this data, no matter where it was collected.

Designed for Marketers and Developers

Firstparty is built API-first, and with the ability to write custom code and queries, there's no limit to what your team can build to better serve your customers.

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exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => {

// Set a key/value on the Event
event.setProperty('barfoo', 'foobar');

// Make an HTTP request with node-fetch
.then(res => res.json())
.then(json => {

// Set a key/value on the Event
event.setProperty('payload', json);

// Finish work and end this Action's execution

Run Javascript in Response to Any Event

Javascript Actions allow you to write code that executes in response to any (or every) Event you collect - even from the browser.

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Turn a Warehouse Query into Events

Firstparty will create an Event for every row of data your warehouse query returns, which may be used to trigger custom Automations or send conversions to ad networks.

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opportunities.account_id = contacts.account_id

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