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Firstparty is a programmable marketing analytics and automation tool for developers.

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Firstparty makes it easy to collect pageviews, form completions, user activity, and anything else.

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firstparty.track('Page Viewed');

firstparty.track('Form Completed', {
form_name: 'signup',
email: '',

Analyze Events In Any Format

Build custom reports in the Firstparty dashboard, sync every Event to any warehouse, and pull all of your analytics data with the REST API.

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Automate the Customer Journey

Act on the meaning behind any Event. Create simple if/then rules, or write custom code to build something completely unique.

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Write Unlimited Automations

You define how Firstparty evaluates and responds to each Event you collect.

Set Conditions & Actions

Configure automation details visually in the UI, or programmatically with the API.

Activate Your Data

Sync ad conversions, send internal notifications, or write custom Javascript to do anything you can imagine.

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