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Collect data from all customer interactions and see a complete picture of the customer journey.

Enterprise-grade Marketing Analytics.
No cost for your first 10 million monthly events.

Firstparty Analytics was built to help you understand your customers and improve your marketing without breaking your budget.

Easy Website Installation

Collect data with Firstparty.js, our lightweight Javascript library

Collect from CRM

Collect any data from Salesforce in a few clicks

First-party Cookies

All cookies are first-party, and set on your website's domain

Custom Domains

Connect your domain to Firstparty with a quick DNS change

Mitigate Ad Blockers

Browsers and ad blockers won't prevent you from collecting data with Firstparty

Full Session Support

Sessions are important on the web, and Firstparty keeps track of them automatically

Cookie Customization

Decide which cookies to set, from sessions to persistent profile cookies

Refine with Filters

Reduce analyzed Events in any report to only those that match your criteria

Unlimited Retention

We'll never delete your historical data, and you can export it at any time


Full UTM Support

Source, medium, campaign, and more are automatically collected and reportable

Custom Reports

Build any Report you like, including timeseries, funnels, and more

Graphs & KPIs

Analyze data visually, and highlight your most important metrics

Multiple Sources

Collect data fron an unlimited number of websites, databases, and integrations

Export to Warehouse

Send your analytics data to your own data warehouse for further analysis

Infinite Infrastructure

Firstparty is built to scale to any volume of data, and is always improving

Never Shared

Your data is never shared with third parties

Unlimited Users

Invite as many users as you need to your account

Full API

All of Firstparty is available via API, including retrieving your data

Get Technical

Designed for Marketers
and Developers

Firstparty makes it easy to collect data from your website, warehouse, CRM, app, and more.

Collect Events From Your Website

Get a detailed understanding of what people are doing when they engage with your product and marketing.

Read about Events in the Docs
firstparty.track('Page Viewed');

firstparty.track('Form Completed', {
form_name: 'signup',
email: '',
POST /events/v1/track HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer asdlkfjsadlfkjasdf

"event": "Page Viewed",
"write_key": "z3cxMqzDJW5eaF8q",
"profile_id": "PR123456789012345678901234567890"

Collect Events From Your Server

Firstparty REST API makes it easy to collect server side events for product analytics. Includes automatic session stitching.


Collect Events From Your Database and CRM

Firstparty creates an Event for every row of data your database or CRM query returns. Connect directly to your Warehouse or Salesforce in just a few clicks.

Read about Sources in the Docs
opportunities.account_id = contacts.account_id

Firstparty is built API-first, and with the ability to write custom code and queries there's no limit to what your team can build to better serve your customers.

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Firstparty avoids most browser restrictions and ad blockers, so you can collect all of the data you need to make great marketing decisions

See all of your traffic

Import Conversions from Salesforce & more

Avoid ad blockers

Supports all browsers

Understand the Customer Journey

Funnels let you analyze the paths your customers travel before converting. Firstparty makes it easy to build and analyze funnels, and even lets you build custom funnels.

Learn More About Funnels

Homepage Viewed

100% Started

Form Viewed

32% of Previous Step

Lead Created

15% of Previous Step

Opportunity Created

11% of Previous Step

Most Potential Improvement

Opportunity Won

74% of Previous Step

Keep Customer Browsing History Private

Firstparty keeps cookies on your domain, so your customers are never tracked once they leave your site.

Safer (first-party) cookies

By restricting cookies to your domain and never sharing them with a third-party, your website visitors can't be tracked across the internet with Firstparty data.

We Never Share Data

Firstparty will never share your data with anyone but who you tell us to. Want to run completely isolated from third-party marketing systems? No problem.

Your first 10 million monthly events are free.

Attribution is free while in beta. No contract or credit card required to get started.

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