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Firstparty uses your marketing analytics data to generate multi-touch, data-driven attribution reports in seconds.

Your Current Attribution Process is Old and Busted

Stop relying on inaccurate last-touch attribution and biased, human-defined models

Firstparty collects all of the customer journeys of interactions with your business, then runs millions of simulated changes on each journey. We use these simulations to decide how each interaction contributed to each conversion, and to understand what would happen if a certain interaction was removed.

Identify the Customer Interactions Required to Win

Firstparty's features are designed to help you implement the correct plan to convert an audience to revenue.

Attribute success and understand removal effects

Firstparty can determine the effects of completely removing a touchpoint, which may actually remove more conversions than were initially attributed to that touchpoint’s interactions.

Optimize Any Conversion

Report on interactions contributing to any conversion

Attribute Success to Channels or Content

Analyze the value of each source/medium combination, or the value contributed by each page on your website.


Channels or Content

Analyze source / medium or individual website pages

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Save Reports

Easily access custom, month, quarter, and year to date

Path Explorer

Visualize each path taken by each customer

Generate New Reports in Minutes, not Quarters

Change the date range or filter your data and get a new report immediately. Firstparty can calculate attribution in seconds, freeing up your data and intelligence team to work on the really hard problems.

Get Answers, Fast

Change a Report's options and refresh in seconds

Attribute Success Over Time

Standard reports for the month, quarter, and year to date are always available. You can also set custom timeframes for analysis, making it easy to measure campaign effectiveness on any timeline.

Analyze Any Time Period

Change the date range and refresh in seconds

Compare Data-Driven Attribution to Legacy Models

Most attribution systems only consider the first or last customer interaction, over-crediting these interactions.

Firstparty considers all interactions that assisted in generating a conversion and assigns weighted value to each interaction based on its contribution.

Legacy Comparison

Compare to first-touch, last-touch, and linear models

Refine with Filters

Reduce analyzed events to only those that match your criteria

Import Historical Data

Import data from your own CDP or warehouse

Import Salesforce Conversions

Collect conversion events from Salesforce in a few clicks

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How it Works

Firstparty uses Markov models to calculate which interactions are most valuable. Markov model attribution works by simulating the removal of individual interactions from each customer journey and determining whether a conversion would still occur without those interactions.

Using machine learning like this allows Firstparty to determine the likelihood that a set of interactions will result in a conversion, as opposed to suggesting a single interaction deserves 100% of the credit.

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