Senior Software Engineer

Fully Remote · Flexible

Firstparty is an early-stage B2B software startup. Our customers are marketers and software developers who are looking for tools to help them customize user experiences within their products and across the Internet. Using Firstparty, they collect event-based information about user activity and utilize this data to build custom product workflows, marketing automation, and better performing advertising campaigns.

Our work style is fully remote and a-synchronous, with a focus on results. This means we do not require any set schedule or set number of hours from our team members, and instead focus on setting clear achievable goals we can work toward together. We have very few meetings, and rely on written communication for our meeting agendas, conversations, decisions, and process documentation.

Thank you for reviewing this open position on the Firstparty team. To learn more about the company, please visit to sign up for a free trial of our product, and read about our latest improvements and announcements on our blog at

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