Connections provide an easy way to reuse credentials that provide access to external systems.

Rather than configuring a set of credentials every time you want to connect to a data warehouse like Redshift or an advertising platform like Facebook, Credentials are configured once time and can be used with multiple consuming services.

Connections encrypt and securely store everything from individual API keys to complete OAuth token sets. After a Connection is saved, it can be used by any system in Firstparty that requires access to an external, authenticated system.

How Connections Work

Configuring a connection starts with choosing a Connection type - a driver that defines the system to connect with. After the driver is chosen, you'll add credentials depending on the type of service (saving a key, a set of options, or authenticating via OAuth).

Dynamically Creating Connections

Connections may be configured via the Firstparty REST API, making it easy to securely add credentials from any infrastructure.