Enable secure, first-party data collection from your website by pointing a subdomain of your website to Firstparty.

Firstparty will serve assets and collect Events from a first-party domain you configure. This maximizes reliability and accuracy when collecting Events from a website by ensuring the data collection domain matches the domain of the site being visited.

Additionally, using a matching first-party domain reduces the risk of data collection being restricted by browser settings or ad blockers.


DNS Records

Firstparty will provide a unique CNAME location for you to add to a subdomain (typically fp) of your website's domain. This CNAME destination is a specific subdomain of, which is exclusively used to proxy traffic to securely proxy traffic to Firstparty infrastructure around the world.

For example, if your website is, Firstparty will ask you to configure a DNS CNAME record with host name fp having a value of

Every Domain you configure in Firstparty will receive its own unique CNAME value.


Firstparty automatically handles generation, maintenance, and renewal of SSL certificates for all Domains configured in your Workspace.

Firstparty will attempt to verify that the requested DNS record has propagated appropriately after you save the Domain in your Workspace. Once this is verified, Firstparty will provision a unique SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt for the specific subdomain pointed at Firstparty.

Using the example from above, if your website is, we'll create an SSL certificate for

SSL certificates are SSLv3 and use the SHA-256 with RSA Encryption signature algorithm. Certificates are typically valid for 90 days and are automatically renewed as needed.