Event-Based Customer Analytics

Collect data from all customer touchpoints and build a complete report of the customer journey, no matter the source.

Collect Any Data

Collect Events from your website, your existing data warehouse, your application server, and your CRM.

Maintain First-party Cookies

Bypass most ad blockers and see nearly 100% of your traffic, without sacrificing privacy protection for your users.

Send to Any Warehouse

Firstparty moves your web analytics to a warehouse you control, enabling you to activate that data on your terms.

Collect Events From Your Website

Get a detailed understanding of what people are doing when they engage with your product and marketing.

Read about Events in the Docs
firstparty.track('Page Viewed');

firstparty.track('Form Completed', {
form_name: 'signup',
email: 'stevie@rosebudmotels.com',
POST /events/v1/track HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer asdlkfjsadlfkjasdf
Host: app.firstpartyhq.com

"event": "Page Viewed",
"write_key": "z3cxMqzDJW5eaF8q",
"profile_id": "PR123456789012345678901234567890"

Collect Events From Your Server

Firstparty REST API makes it easy to collect server side events for product analytics. Includes automatic session stitching.


Collect Events From Your Database and CRM

Firstparty creates an Event for every row of data your database or CRM query returns. Connect directly to your Warehouse or Salesforce in just a few clicks.

Read about Sources in the Docs


opportunities.account_id = contacts.account_id

Firstparty is built API-first, and with the ability to write custom code and queries there's no limit to what your team can build to better serve your customers.

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Accurate measurement

Increase data quantity & quality

Firstparty serves cookies and its tracking library from your website's domain. This means browsers and ad blockers won't prevent you from collecting the data you need to run your business.

Simple DNS setup

Cookies stay valid

Mitigate ad blockers

Supports all browsers

// Track pageviews with one line of Javascript


// Easily track custom events

firstparty.track('Form Completed', {
  email: 'customer@gmail.com'
Accurate measurement

Collect website data with ease

Firstparty.js is an easy to install Javascript snippet that makes it easy to track pageviews, form completions, user activity, or just about anything else - from your website and app.

See our easy installation instructions
Portable marketing analytics

Copy everything
to your data warehouse

Your analytics data should be portable. Firstparty copies every event you generate to your data warehouse(s) on your schedule. Not ready to select a warehouse? We'll store it for you and migrate it when you're ready.

Postgres, S3, Redshift, BigQuery, and more coming soon

Sync as often as every hour

Accurate visitor measurement

Measure activity and build custom reports

Answer questions from "where are my users visiting from geographically?" to "how many visitors have looked at our pricing page?" directly within Firstparty.

Maintain data ownership

Unlimited Users and Warehouses

Anyone on your team may have access to Firstparty - whether they're marketers, engineers, executives, or anyone else.

Add as many Users as you'd like

Sync to an unlimited number of Warehouses

Keep Customer Browsing History Private

Firstparty keeps cookies on your domain, so your customers are never tracked once they leave your site.

Safer (first-party) cookies

By restricting cookies to your domain and never sharing them with a third-party, your website visitors can't be tracked across the internet with Firstparty data.

We Never Share Data

Firstparty will never share your data with anyone but who you tell us to. Want to run completely isolated from third-party marketing systems? No problem.

Your first 10 million monthly events are free.

Attribution is free while in beta. No contract or credit card required to get started.

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Collect 10,000,000 Events / month. (We'll get in touch if you exceed that)

Your Data is Never Shared

Unlimited Data Sources & Warehouses

Unlimited Reporting

Unlimited Users & Access

No Credit Card Needed

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Collect an Unlimited number of Events

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