We’re excited to share some new features in Firstparty that improve reporting and conversion optimization, and we’re even more excited that they’re all available today!

Create Custom Reports & Navigation

Customize your KPIs, table properties, and table metrics

Reporting in Firstparty is now completely customizable. Create an unlimited number of Reports with exactly the information you want to see, and even customize the navigation to design the analytics product of your dreams.

We’ve provided you with some familiar reports to start with, but we’d love to help you setup your first custom report. Schedule a call with us when you’d like some assistance!

Create Custom, Calculated Metrics

Reports are powered by custom, calculated Metrics. Define any number of custom Metrics and Firstparty will calculate them for each of your Reports.

Easy Report Discovery & Navigation

Reporting navigation in Firstparty is also customizable. Each Report can be assigned to a Group and Subgroup, and have a custom title for use in sidebar navigation.

Now your analytics can be truly designed for your organization, ensuring that the reports needed by your team are readily available without hunting through an obscure list or dozens of folders.

Putting it All Together

In the last several weeks, we’ve released new ways to collect Events from Salesforce, send offline conversions to Facebook Ads and Google Ads, and report on your collected Events with more power than ever before.

We have an exciting roadmap ahead, and can’t wait to show you what else you can do with your data!