Today we’re happy to share that we’ve shipped Firstparty reporting. With this improvement, you can view a histogram of the events, sessions, and profiles you’ve collected.

Firstparty reporting view

Use Reporting to Drill Down on Your Data

Reporting supports segmenting and filtering the events you’ve collected by any property. This makes it easy to answer questions from “where are my users visiting from geographically?” to “how many visitors have looked at our pricing page?”

Firstparty reporting drill down

Start Collecting Events with Firstparty

If this is your first time learning about Firstparty, welcome!

We’re here to help you set up analytics that give you full control over your event-level data and you can create an account and collect your first 10,000,000 events for free.

Looking for Advanced Reporting Tools?

Looking to perform more advanced analysis on the event data you’ve collected? You can connect your Firstparty account to your data warehouse and use popular business intelligence tools such as Looker, Tableau, Mode, etc.

Google BigQuery, AWS S3 and Redshift, and Postgres are currently supported, but if you’d like another data warehouse to be added just drop a note to or use our contact form.