Destinations define external systems where Firstparty data may be sent after collection.

About Data Destinations

Destinations may include audiences or data warehouses, where your entire history of Events, Sessions, and Profiles may be stored.

You may create an unlimited number of Destinations, attached to any number of your Sources.

Sync Schedule

Warehouse Destinations sync according to the schedule you specify, from as infrequently as once per day to as frequently as every hour. Data is retrieved from the Firstparty database based on the time the Item was created, which is not necessarily based on the time the Item was received or the timestamp set on the Item by the client.

Destination Schema

When Destinations are configured, Firstparty will automatically update schema in your external services where appropriate (typically databases).

Note: For schemaless destinations (such as AWS S3) Firstparty will structure CSV files based on the data retrieved in that timeframe. This means the headers of CSV files in storage may change over time.