Today we’re excited to launch audience management and conversion attribution in Firstparty, to help our customers increase campaign performance by better utilizing first-party data.

To help businesses retain their leading edge in marketing, it’s imperative that we support them in simplifying data collection processes and reducing friction in the customer adoption journey. This is now possible with our new Audiences and Attribution features.

We’re also introducing a new set of guided recipes that make it easy to create complex Workflows in just a few minutes, eliminating the weeks of setup between Marketing and Engineering teams required in the past. Together, these solutions address major data and marketing challenges raised by Firstparty users who are spending significant budget on campaigns, especially with Meta Ads.

Segments, Audiences, Rules, and Workflows

Segments define smaller sets of Events and other collected data, making it easier to build Reports and Audiences.
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Audiences define a set of Profiles who are all part of one or more specific Segments. Audiences may be sent to Destinations like Facebook Ads, and are great at improving accuracy of first-party audiences without relying solely on matching email addresses.
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Rules define automations that execute in response to collected Events. Rules allow you to set Actions that should be taken based on a set of Conditions evaluated against Events you collect with Firstparty.
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Workflows guide you through configuring new and existing Firstparty components to help solve marketing problems like analytics, attribution, and audience creation in just a few clicks.
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Analytics & Reporting Improvements

When analyzing your collected Events, you may add your Segments to Reports, making it easy to compare performance against multiple user cohorts.

Data collection has also been improved, with faster response times from the browser of your website visitors. Plus, you may now visualize Events collected with our new Warehouse Sources, which make it easy to turn SQL queries into actionable Events.

Get Started

We would not only love your feedback, but are happy to walk you through setting up these new solutions. Sign up for a free account, or get in touch with us anytime.

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