The Firstparty Data Lifecycle

Firstparty's data lifecycle is designed to allow flexibility and customization.

Events are sent to Firstparty from a specified Source, may trigger Rules, and then are sent to configured Destinations.


Sources define how Firstparty ingests Events. Firstparty will collect Events from the web browser through Javascript you install on your site, via an HTTP API, from a configured database or warehouse, or several other source types.
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Data sent to Firstparty is received as a series of Events. Each Event has an Event Type (things like "Page Viewed" or "Form Completed"), a Key that defines the Source the Event is sent from, timestamps, and Properties that may be set when the Event is sent.
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When an Event is received, any Rules associated with the Event's specified Source are evaluated. If the Rule's Conditions evaluate as true, the Rule's Actions are executed.
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Data stored in Firstparty can be sent to any number of Destinations you define. Destinations may include Warehouses where the individual Events will be stored for use later, or Ad Networks and other external systems where Audiences may be sent for marketing purposes.
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