Data Objects

Firstparty exposes a number of items that are the core Data Objects used to keep track of what's happening across your business.


Events describe activities happening within your business. Events are always associated with a Profile, and sometimes collected as a Session.
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Sessions keep track of a Profile's Events within a logical period of time - usually when browsing a website or accomplishing some tasks in an application.
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Profiles represent the individual humans that perform Event-generating activities collected in Firstparty.
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All Firstparty Data Objects expose a customizable properties object on the Object. Object Properties are extremely flexible, and you may set any data you'd like on the properties key of any Object.

You may specify a properties object when sending an Event to be collected by Firstparty. Different Source types will require different methods of setting properties.

As Firstparty collects Events, any Rules defined in your Workspace will be evaluated and executed when appropriate. Rules may be used to manipulate the properties of any Event, Session, or Profile.

Shared Fields

In addition to the properties key, Data Objects may expose a number of additional fields:

Item KeyDescription
contextDescribes the context of the collected Event or Session. (More Below)
created_atISO 8601 timestamp of when the Item was created
updated_atISO 8601 timestamp of when the Item was last updated