Connecting Destinations

Connecting Destinations to Sources

Destinations control where data generated by a Source goes. You may decide exactly which Destinations a Source will push data into, and turn them on and off at will.

To learn more about Destinations, visit the Destinations Documentation

How Data is Sent to a Destination

Destinations operate based on the configuration of the Destination itself. Additionally, Events and Sessions synced from a Source to a Destination is limited to the data from that Source. In other words, if you have configured a Postgres destination, and have it enabled on one of your two Sources, you'll only see Events and Sessions from the enabled Source in the Postgres database.

Profiles are treated slightly differently when sending to Destinations. Profiles exist outside of time, and represent individuals who have performed activities, potentially across multiple Sources. Keep this in mind when observing total quantities of Profiles, or when attempting to join Profiles with Events or Sessions in a Destination warehouse.